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Stevie Ray Vaughan - "Life Without You" - Live 1984

"Life Without You" was a song Stevie wrote after the untimely death of his great friend and mentor Charley Wirz. the song shows his love for Charley and how much he truly missed him. The White Stratocaster Vaughan played that was fitted with Danelectro Lipstick Tube Pickups was made by Wirz with the help of Stevie's Guitar Tech Rene Martinez.

After he got sober, Stevie Ray Vaughan used the final track on Soul to Soul as an excuse to both jam at length and testify about his newfound sobriety. Vaughan wrote "Life Without You" saying that it concerned "what drugs do to people. It kills people in their heart."


Well, hello baby

Tell me how have you been?

We all have missed you

And the way you grin

The day is necessary

Every now and then

For souls to move on

Given life back again

Fly on, fly on

Fly on my friend

Go on, live again

Love again

Day after day

Night after night

Sittin' here singin'

Every minute

As the years go passin' by

By, by, by

A long look in the mirror

We come face to face

Wishin' our love

We took for granted

A love we had yesterday

Life without you

Songwriters: Stevie Ray Vaughan

Life Without You Lyrics © S.I.A.E. Direzione Generale, Bug Music O/B/o Ray Vaughan Music, RAY VAUGHAN MUSIC INC, RAY VAUGHAN MUSIC INC., Ray Vaughan Music, Inc., RAY VAUGHAN MUSIC INC


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