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En la multitud


We are passionate about Rock music from the classic era and bring you the best content from these artists and those who have carried on the spirit of rock and roll into the modern world. 


We want to celebrate the spirit of rock from its beginning in the 60's and '70s  through to its influence in modern times. We will bring you daily content such as birthdays, important anniversaries, music, videos and much more from the classic artists you know and love as well as introducing younger artists who have carried the torch of rock and roll through to modern times. We believe in celebrating the journey of rock through the generations and keeping the flame alive.


This page is brought to you by people with a genuine love of rock music. We were raised on giant guitar riffs and hope that our passion for this genre is channeled into high-quality content for those that share this calling.


We all know that rock is far from dead, we hope that our content will bring you the best in nostalgia as well as showing that a younger generation of artists is keeping the spirit alive.


Keep on rocking and together we will keep the classic riffs flowing into a new century.


The Rock Fans Team

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