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Eric Clapton - "Pretending" - Live at the RAH 2015

Slowhand at 70 – Live at the Royal Albert Hall is a November 2015 album by Eric Clapton recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall on 21 May 2015 during his "70th Birthday Celebration" tour.A film of the concert was released on 14 September 2015 via cinema broadcasting in various territories. The cinema release included a report on Clapton's history at the Royal Albert Hall. A DVD, Blu-ray, compact disc and gramophone record release of the performance was released on 13 November 2015

Keyboardist Paul Carrack recalled in an interview with the Canadian National Post: "I thought the playing was amazing. Eric doesn’t make much fuss about the fact that it’s the 70th so in that respect it was just like any other gig but there was a special atmosphere in the hall. When we came off stage the first night Eric said he wasn’t gonna let it go on. I think the second night must have been a lot better. [...] With Eric, playing at the Albert Hall … it’s really just about the music. It feels like you’re playing in a small club, almost. Especially when you’ve been out playing those big auditoriums, which aren’t built for music. But the Albert Hall has this wonderful, intimate atmosphere"

Music journalist Or Barnea of Utab Music calls the concert documentary "fantastic" and notes, Clapton and his band perform on stage "like never seen before"


Eric Clapton – electric and acoustic guitar · lead vocals

Chris Stainton – keyboards

Paul Carrack – keyboards · Hammond organ · background vocals

Andy Fairweather Low - guitar · vocals - High Time We Went

Nathan East – bass guitar · background vocals

Steve Gadd – drums

Michelle John – background vocals

Sharon White – background vocals


How many times must we tell the tale?

How many times must we fall?

Living in lost memory

You just recalled

Working on the sound of the band

Trying to get the music right

Two go out working

Three stay home at night

That's when she said she was pretending

Like she knew the plan

That's when I knew she was pretending

Pretending to understand

Pretending, pretending

Pretending, pretending

Satisfied but lost in love

Situations change

You're never who you used to think you are

How strange

[Repeat First Chorus]


I get lost in alibis

Sadness can't prevail

Everybody knows strong love

Can't fail

Don't be pretending about how you feel

Don't be pretending that your love is real

Don't be pretending about how you feel

Don't be pretending that your love is real



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